About Us

Skändal is dedicated to showcasing the hottest fashion and design houses that share our love for Scandinavian style. Our current focus brings you apparel, accessories and gifts from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and The Netherlands.
Throughout the world Scandinavian style has become synonymous with timeless, practical luxury. Designs for the human form and household have been perfected over centuries of living with favorite things, and the result is high-design, simplicity and exquisite quality.

Familiar yet unexpected. Classic yet modern. The styles that everyone loves done with a renewed fervor. Because in Scandinavia it’s all about balance – in life, love and of course, fashion.

Named ''Top 35 Must Hit Boutiques'' by Chicago Magazine (April 2013).

Did we also tell you how NICE all of the staff are??? It's so easy to shop here when the atmosphere is welcoming and top notch. This is Scandinavian hospitality at it best!

Mycket kärlek and happy shopping!


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