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My Chakra

My Chakra


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My Chakra offers an advanced approach to spiritual wellness, allowing you to achieve a whole new level of Balancing!

Realize the benefits of spiritual healing firsthand with Vanessa, an Intuitive Councilor
who takes all of the vagueness and intimidation out of the healing experience, authorizing you to grow in your own time. Vanessa has devoted a life to supporting her client's thrust forward. By understanding each individual is extraordinary, she will adapt the healing approach to ensure a steady healing prosses. Throughout a healing period, the primary objective is to convey the information necessary to acquire your mind, body + Chakra balance = control of self.

Let's create a clear path toward your purpose.

Mind, Body & CHAKRA.


  • Family owned.
  • Over 17 years of life coaching experience.
  • Same-Day appointments available.
  • Lgbtq+Safe Zone.


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