Meadow Lane Estate Sales


Conducted Sales

About Us

Meadow Lane Estate Sales can liquidate an entire houseful of items, or just several items.
We offer you many options to fit your individual needs.

Traditional Estate Sale

Once the occupant has moved out of the home, we comb through each item, stage the premises for an attractive display, clean and price all property, then hold a two or three-day sale. After the sale, the seller receives an itemized list of sold property along with a check for the proceeds, usually within 24 hours.

Online Auctions and Estate Sales

An online estate sale offers flexibility to those are prohibited from having a sale on the premises, or prefer not to have foot traffic in their home. Items can be sold in our online auction site, or at a fixed price in our online store. We take extensive photographs and measurements of all items to be sold. Once the item sells, Meadow Lane can pack and ship smaller items, and facilitate pick-up at the property for larger items.

Consignment Sales

Meadow Lane accepts consignment of jewelry, collectibles and other small items. Items are taken from the premises where they are professionally photographed and securely stored. The Seller is provided with a photo inventory list of all items to be sold. Selling options include our online auction site or our online store. As sales occur, the inventory is updated with sales data and proceeds are paid to the seller every 10 days until all items are sold. Meadow Lane provides fully insured priority shipping to the buyer.

Estate Buy-outs

Meadow Lane can purchase an entire home’s contents, or just a few items. If a sale