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    Beyond the steps… LIFE SENSING TECHNOLOGY.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control, “chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability in the United States… 86% of the nation’s $2.7 trillion annual heath care costs are for people with chronic health conditions.” Compounding the issue is the fact that a high percent of theses illnesses could be prevented by improved health maintenance, self-monitoring and prevention.

    With not enough health care providers / access to providers for the number of people living with chronic illness and living longer than ever, the US government, health officials, insurers and employers are struggling to find low cost solutions to the rising cost of health care.

    ENTER TECHNOLOGY and the exciting discovery that the devices that many Americans are already wearing on their wrist can be used for more than COUNTING STEPS. Wearable devices are moving from fitness tracking to ‘’life sensing” and “health monitoring” devices. According to Forbes, the wearable tech space is set to be worth $34 billion by the year 2020 (that’s a $14 billion increase over the next 2 years)

    Since feature for wearables are app based, the possibilities are endless. In addition to increasingly advanced fitness tracking, some of the already released apps and those in development will monitor /detect/aid in things such as:

    Blood pressure measurements
    Blood Glucose Alcohol monitoring
    Ovulation prediction
    Sleep apnea AID
    Early detection of depression bouts

    World is the creator of the first wearable life sensing technology in the market.